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Coated Wire Ropes Wear And Corrosion Resistance

Phosphating coating wire rope patented technology, referred to as phosphating wire rope, the rope wire steel phosphating treatment, phosphate film to make the surface of the steel more wear and improve its anti-corrosion ability, phosphate film porous structure can increase the grease in the rope The storage of the surface of the wire, reduce the friction factor to promote sliding, delay the occurrence of fretting damage on the wire surface, inhibit the initiation of fatigue microcracks, thus greatly extending the service life of wire rope.

Phosphating technology is mainly used for anti-corrosion of steel materials, cold work in the lower friction, improve wear resistance, bonding mesophase, electrical insulation and surface decoration. Among them, to improve the wear resistance of steel materials, reduce friction, improve lubrication as the main role of the phosphate treatment process, is widely used in automotive, light industry, chemical, electrical, defense and other areas of friction movement bearing parts. The use of phosphating technology in the wire rope wear, reduce friction and rust, phosphating film and grease composite effect on the wire surface protection effect is far better than any grease currently in use.

Wear is the most common damage to the wire rope, generally divided into external wear, deformation wear and internal wear in three cases [2]. For wire rope products, in order to extend the service life of wire rope, in the case of micro-can not be eliminated between the wire, can only take technical measures to prevent wear caused by freak [3]. The fretting fatigue damage is closely related to the surface properties of the material. The use of surface engineering technology can improve the performance of traditional materials against fretting fatigue and enhance the fretting fatigue resistance of new materials. The surface modification method can effectively improve the anti-fretting damage performance, improve the wear resistance, Dynamic damage performance. The use of these surface protection measures, is conducive to weaken or block the relative sliding between the friction caused by the role of friction, thereby inhibiting and delaying the occurrence of micro-damage wire surface, and greatly extend the service life of wire rope.

Phosphating film itself has a good electrical insulation, can effectively inhibit the formation of micro-batteries in the wire surface; phosphating film and grease together, can greatly improve the lubrication between the steel wire and corrosion resistance of steel wire. Phosphating coating wire rope patented technology, is the wire rope steel phosphate treatment and membrane weight control in the 3g / m2-60g / m2 between, including carbon steel wire, alloy steel wire, galvanized, aluminum, zinc-aluminum alloy coating The wire and so on.

Will be made of wire rope phosphating treatment, the priority of the use of manganese or zinc-manganese phosphate, steel wire is not carried out after any drawing, direct use of phosphating steel wire twisting wire rope, the phosphate coating to make the steel surface more wear And corrosion resistance, the use of phosphating wire rope life is 2-3 times the smooth steel wire rope, wire rope fatigue performance greatly improved, with the wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant phosphide formula in-depth study, fatigue life there is a substantial The possibility of improvement, phosphating wire rope is not only an ideal alternative to smooth steel wire rope, but also fully capable of replacing imported wire rope.